Designing for communal spaces

The focus is shifting to shared communal spaces when designing apartments and townhouses, and it is getting the tick of approval from both architects and residents.

Stuart Harrison, author and architect, says this trend towards communal space in design is gaining traction amongst architects and their clients with a number of developments around the country utilising shared facilities. One good example of this is The Commons in Brunswick, Melbourne designed by Breathe Architecture, where a shared rooftop garden and laundry has become the site of many popular gatherings among neighbours. Breathe Architecture received two Named Awards for The Commons at the 2014 National Architecture Awards – one in Residential Architecture: Multiple Housing and another for Sustainability.

Listen to this interesting ABC RN interview on BluePrint for Living with Michael Williams to hear more on this trend towards shared communal spaces.

Components to consider when designing with shared communal spaces, include those that are also highly valued at Light House;

  • Passive solar design

  • Think small

  • Green space

  • Community interaction

We wanted to show that medium density development does not have to result in a concrete jungle… we have tried to create an environment where people are encouraged to interact with their neighborhood, and where creativity would be stimulated.

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