Welcome to Light House architecture & science.


Our philosophy is to simplify the sustainable design process, to create comfortable, clever, energy-efficient homes; homes that are light-filled and light-footed.

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We design space-efficient and energy-efficient homes to suit Canberra’s climate.

Through excellent design and scientific testing, we create homes that feel spacious and comfortable, and function beautifully, on a smaller than average floor area. Many of our homes achieve an energy efficiency rating of 8+ stars (6 stars being the current minimum standard). These houses require half as much energy per year to heat and cool them to comfortable temperatures compared to a 6 star home.

Our vision is to make energy efficient housing mainstream and be a beacon for positive change in the residential construction industry. As a result, we are committed to helping people with a ‘mainstream’ budget achieve their dream of an excellent, comfortable and affordable home.

Light House provides a unique integrated service with an experienced team of architects, scientists and cost estimator. This collaborative approach means you can expect clear and consistent communication from the outset about the design of your home, energy performance, time frames and costings, materials, finishes and inclusions.


Our clients become part of the Light House team.

While designing and optimising an energy-efficient home, there must be a strong focus on the people who live in them. The Light House team work to ensure our client’s new home or renovation achieves expectations and within the desired budget. 

If you'd like to learn a little more about us here at Light House, we've compiled a comprehensive Q&A which should answer a few of your initial questions and give you an insight into what we're all about. 

Previously known as Jigsaw Housing the innovative, integrated design-science-build business restructured and re-branded in November 2015.

The change has been exciting and positive; enabling a wider audience to access our unique integrated services and our collaborative network to expand.