We are loving it in our new house! It’s so quiet, and a very comfortable temperature all day and night.

There are many examples of fine design and craftsmanship, some needing a trained eye to see - thankfully Sarah and Jenny have pointed these out to us. However, every day we look at and admire the metal work, the tiling, the stonework, the strip drains, the timber battens, the balcony, and much else besides.

Thank you for making this once in a lifetime experience so stress free and enjoyable.
— J & B | Garran House | Custom Design
We genuinely enjoyed building this house, a cleverly designed practical home, and love your functional, science-based ethos.
— Paul Kerr, Preferred Builders | Garran House
Engaging Light House to design our much loved home will always be one of our best life decisions. From concept sketch to completion, we thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with super friendly architects who shared our vision of creating an energy efficient, flexible family home - built to embrace both Canberra’s climate and our wishes. We loved our architects’ intuition, design flair and innovative ideas and insight. We are forever grateful to live in a house that is warm in winter and cool in summer - the perfect place to be all year round!
— Shannon & Grant | Aranda House | Modular Design
This house is beautiful. The way it fills with sunlight; the way it shows us the sky; the way it is constantly warm and draft free. It fills me with pleasure just to walk from room to room watching how each room deals with space and light at every time of day. It was a pleasure to work with you all to achieve it. Thank you.
— Nicole & Andrew | Casey House | Custom Design
It was so refreshing talking to Light House, as they take it as given that you want your house to be contemporary, well-designed, well-insulated, energy-efficient and comfortable – in contrast, when I first started researching my options, one builder tried to talk me out of double-glazing because ‘no-one would notice it at re-sale and you wouldn’t get your money back’. Light House have their finger on the pulse in a way that so many in the industry just haven’t. The team really takes a personal interest in their projects, and in their relationship with you as a client. I just love living in this house.
— Sari | Narrabundah House | Renovation
We are so happy with our amazing sustainable home. We sought out architects that share the same values that we have of sustainability and liveability. Our journey from design, through construction, to completion was very rewarding with Light House.

We have a home that’s designed and constructed for our site, for our family and is future-proofed for a changing climate. It is spacious and light-filled. We were very comfortable through summer, using only ceiling fans and night time passive ventilation to cool the house.

Good orientation, design, insulation and glazing have made a huge difference compared to our old ex-govie house. We are looking forward to a sun-filled warm house this winter.
— Dan & Kate | Blue Heeler House | Modular Design in Downer
Our house is not only functional - it’s also beautiful and highly energy efficient. The team’s creativity in the design phase was matched by their practicality and skill in the construction phase. With the help of their online project management software, our decisions were all captured, questions responded to and costs fully tracked. It was a very smooth process from concept to completion - we loved designing and building our house and living in it is even better!
— Libby & Pete | Wonga House | Custom Design in O'Connor
Our brief was to design a house with clean, simple, well designed spaces that are light and airy. We wanted a thermally comfortable, energy efficient, and low maintenance house, as well as good quality fittings, materials, and build. Our house has achieved all of that and more. We couldn’t be happier.
— Mary & Grant | Lawson House | Modular Design
When we tell people that we managed the whole process of design and construction of our renovation remotely, while overseas, they don’t believe us! But thanks to Jenny and the team at Light House we did - and on budget and on schedule.

We’re very happy with the outcome. We love the light, warmth and natural flow of the house. We love standing at the kitchen bench looking out over the setting sun towards Black Mountain and then turning our heads to see the kids playing cricket on the back patio framed by the golden glow of the gum trees in the nature strip. We love the gentle whirr of the Haiku fans and the varied shades of the recycled hard wood floor. We love the clean, stylish and functional bathrooms. And we love the smaller power bills!
— Tom & Tanya | Vasey House | Renovation in Campbell
We have settled into our home - it is just lovely. We really think there needs to be greater awareness about of the value of smart design and construction - our experience and house is just too good not to share so as to educate people on how easy it can be to make a wonderful home!
— Kerry & Gerard | Citrus House | Modular Design in Narrabundah
Thanks to the excellent combination of architect + scientist + builder we have a beautiful and comfortable family home with a flexible layout that will adapt with us over time. From design through to build process, the team were excellent at listening, engaging and providing ideas. We love the final result which is a warm, inviting and light-filled home that is energy efficient to run.
— Nadine & David | Barwell House | Custom Design in Curtin
It’s almost exactly two years since we moved back into our brighter, warmer (definitely less draughty!) more beautiful house. And we’re still loving every moment we’re in it, all year round.
— Wendy & Ben | Three Generation House | Renovation in Bywong
We have a small, smart and energy efficient house, thanks to Light House. They were enthusiastic, committed to quality, and attentive to our ideas and needs throughout the entire design and build process. Having built before, we knew the importance of having an experienced builder of integrity committed to our project. Light House ensured this. We are delighted with our house.
— Margaret & John | Stray Leaf House | Modular Design in Forde
The collaboration between architecture, science and construction is the reason we have such a comfortable and liveable home. Having lived in many houses, we had clear ideas of what we wanted - to design a home that would work with us as a family. The team had the expertise to maintain a creative approach while problem-solving the many limitations of a modern build on a Heritage listed block.
— Viv & Lachlan | Cowper House | Custom Design in Ainslie
We had a dream run. Our project ran on time and within budget and we were completely satisfied with the outcome. We attribute this to the unique and well-blended combination of architect, energy efficiency consultant and builder, as well as the professional, honest and open way they conduct their business. They strive for excellence and their enthusiasm for their work is contagious!
— Yvonne & Jeff | Hughes House | Renovation
The first thing I would like to say is I love my house! It is a real pleasure to live in a house that works so well and is so comfortable. The recent very hot weather was a real test and coming home after a 40+ degree day at the end of a week of 40 degree temperatures, my house was a very reasonable 25 degrees inside before turning on any cooling. I have been in my home for three months now and it still puts a smile on my face!
— Elspeth | Nelson House | Modular Design in Wright
Throughout the planning stages for my extension, the team were most generous with their time – not to mention infinitely patient and good natured. The design is a joy to live in, and Jenny has ensured optimum energy efficiency. I am delighted at their success.
— Marika | Campbell Dual Occupancy | Custom Design
We were looking, unsuccessfully, for something small, smart and energy efficient… Choosing from among Light House’s modular room options streamlined the design process without compromising our objectives. By using their Co-Construct software, we were kept fully informed and engaged during the design stage and were able to have those unforeseen issues that invariably arise during a build dealt with quickly and efficiently ‘in house’. We moved in a few months ago, and are delighted with our house. We would happily recommend Light House to anyone wanting to design/build a home.
— Margaret & John | Stray Leaf House | Modular Design in Forde