Twin House


Location | Dickson, ACT

Date completed | September 2018

EER | 7.3 stars (started at 4.2)

Area | 152.2m²

Builder | Bespoke Building Services

Images | Ben Wrigley


Twin House

A classic Canberra duplex, home to gorgeous twin girls and their beautiful baby brother. From tired and weary, leaky and inefficient… to bright, revitalised and super comfortable!


Key features

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Worked within the existing footprint of the house - no extension!

Insulation retrofitted to all external walls and ceiling Insulation topped up

Windows upgraded to timber double glazing throughout.

Reduced glazing to the previous extension as the room was overly glazed.

Sealed energy efficient LED lighting added

Efficient ceiling-mounted Infrared heater panels and ceiling fans added

Building envelope made much more air tight.

Paperock benchtops

Bamboo flooring