Sustainable House Day 2019

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We have three Light House projects open on Sunday 15th September for Sustainable House Day - a national event showcasing sustainable homes.

Each of these family homes is a terrific example of our Modular design approach. One is on a fabulously oriented block with its long axis running east-west (perfect for solar passive design); one is on a little, narrow block with north-to-the street (the trickiest type of block for solar passive design); and one is on a block with north on the diagonal!

All of them are fabulously energy efficient and space efficient… but feel wonderfully light-filled and spacious. You have to see it, and feel it, to appreciate how powerful good architecture is. Great design for climate, plus a consistent dash of science during design and build, can create amazing homes.

NOTE: the homes have different opening times but it is possible to see all three if you start planning early!

Go to the SHD website to register and find out more:

We look forward to seeing you soon.