Beautiful, sustainable, functional homes should be available to everyone.  

Our modular design approach is an industry game changer, combining the efficiencies of 'off-the-plan' with the sensibilities of 'bespoke design'. 


"We were looking, unsuccessfully, for something small, smart and energy efficient. Light House Architecture and Science are a young, enthusiastic company and a pleasure to deal with. Choosing from among Light House's modular room options streamlined the design process without compromising our objectives. By using their Co-Construct software, we were kept fully informed and engaged during the design stage and were able to have those unforeseen issues that invariably arise during a build dealt with quickly and efficiently. We moved in a few months ago, and are delighted with our house."

- Margaret and John from the modular 'Stray Leaf' house. Read more about their modular home here.

We developed the modular concept in 2011, under our previous business model, Jigsaw Housing, during a community workshop series. The challenge was to create a cost-effective, 8 star home, featuring key design priorities identified by the local people who attended: light, warmth, connection to the outdoors and good social spaces.

We discovered that we could distil the essential parts of a home into cost-effective modules (living, sleeping, utility) that can be arranged to suit a variety of block shapes and orientations, creating highly functional and energy efficient homes. 

This modular process allows us to simplify, but not compromise, customised design to create a home to match your particular needs and site, and the demands of the Canberra climate. It also means that we can provide early, and accurate, cost estimates that are essential to first home buyers and people on a budget. 

We are confident that this process will close the gap between inflexible and inefficient project homes, and expensive, custom designed homes. 


We've pre-designed 'modules' of a home based on tried and tested designs that we know work well. Our range of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms feature optimal sizing, already resolved joinery, and layouts that easily connect to one another. This means that together we can handpick the collection of spaces suitable to you without starting from scratch or spending time custom designing each space.

It is important to note that our Modular system is not a prefabricated solution, or 'project home' approach. Traditional onsite construction methods are used to build our Modular homes - the beauty and simplicity of this method is anchored in the streamlined selection of pre-designed modules. We then use our expertise to pull together the modules in to a home that suits your site, orientation, lifestyle and the Canberra climate. 

Meanwhile, roof form and eaves, window sizing and location, and services are uniquely optimised to suit your surrounds and orientation. This ensures a home that is optimised for energy efficiency, sympathetic to it's surrounds, and well connected to the outdoors. 



Our range of modular selections and inclusions aims to distil your options down to a recommended list of choices. By means of extensive research and review, we provide choices to you that are categorised as 'basic', 'standard' and 'upgrade'. 

Our 'standard' is by no means related to general industry standard, and is instead our recommendation of a cost effective, good quality product. From there, a 'basic' selection suggests an option that we see as a clever way to save money without compromising on quality. Similarly, our 'upgrade' recommendations demonstrate a more expensive product that we feel is worthwhile if that area or item is important to you.

This system allows us to maintain an estimating database that is used to generate a clear costing table relevant to your modular house design from the very first concept stages. This costing table then provides you with a 'road map' for controlling your budget as you make selections based on 'basic', 'standard' and 'upgrade' selection items.

This system means that you are able to achieve a home customised for you, with minimal stress or effort, and a clear indication of how different choices will affect your budget. 



All of our communication, file management and scheduling happens through our online communication system, Co Construct. In particular, all of our modular selection choices discussed above are listed with information and useful links that you can work through in your own time. Most of the builders we work with have also embraced this system, meaning the communication during both the design and construction of your home is seamless, organised and clear. 


An introduction to what we do and how we do it.


See some examples of the modules we use in our modular homes.


Tour some of our completed modular homes to date.


"Claire's house is a thoughtful, well-conceived response to the challenge of designing a first home with consideration for affordability and adaptability over time. The design offers a carefully tuned architectural modesty that clearly reflects the client's desire for a light filled, warm and engaging living environment with opportunity for both shared and separated spatial organisation."

- The 2015 Australian Institute of Architects ACT Awards Jury (this modular home received a commendation in the New Residential category). Read more about Claire's home here.


"I can honestly say I love my house! It is a real pleasure to live in a house that works so well and is comfortable, bright, energy efficient and welcoming"

- Elspeth, our very first modular client. Read more about her modular home here


By critically analysing the project home industry and the high-end architecture industry we believe we have created an innovative system that provides the best of both worlds.

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