Women, equity, architecture

We’re proud to offer a very flexible and family-friendly work environment at Light House.

Our lead architect, Sarah Lebner, had her first child (the lovely little Lachie) back in July, bringing the current tally of Light House babies and toddlers to four (with another already on the way)!

Sarah is passionate about issues of diversity and equity in architectural practice (read more about that here). She wanted to share her early experiences of motherhood, while maintaining her role as principal architect at Light House, as encouragement to other individuals and practices.

Today, Parlour published a great article by Sarah about her experience of maternity leave so far, and tips on how to prepare for a break from the office.

NB. We provide the same flexibility to fathers. For example, another of our architects, Duncan Hall, took four months off earlier this year to be primary carer to his young son, Leo. Duncan and all of the other parents in our team (eight of them!) all work less than full-time hours to help manage the child-caring/work balance.

(Our three latest new staff members can confirm that Lachie was a member of their interview panel but did not ask any nasty questions.)

Sarah and three month old Lachie on a site visit.

Sarah and three month old Lachie on a site visit.