What you need to know about Mr Fluffy blocks

The availability of cleared Mr. Fluffy house blocks with their own unique dual occupancy opportunities has the Canberra market in a tizz. Local architects, ourselves included, have been fielding frequent phone calls from prospective clients interested in these blocks.

In this week's Canberra Times, Tony Trobe captured some excellent advice for people attracted to the idea of buying a Fluffy Block. Tony Trobe is the director of local firm, TT Architecture, and is the immediate past president of the Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter. He explains why ideal block orientations vary depending on your intended use. Read the full article here.

Tony also warns of the difficulty that large trees can present. Anyone concerned about a tree on, or near, their block can refer to this previous journal post that covers some of the basics.

For further information on planning options around various block types and zones in Canberra, please see our instructional flowchart.