Our entries in the 2019 architecture awards

Three of our recent designs have been nominated in the 2019 ACT Institute of Architecture awards.

The Bolt On Tree House

Category: Alterations & Additions


This 1960s home was designed by renowned architect Dirk Bolt. The owners wanted to extend the home in a way that respected the original architecture.

A major obstacle to extending was the block itself, with its steep, almost cliff-like drop-off. We solved these problems with an innovative solution: ‘bolting-on’ an extension over the driveway, creating an instant carport below, and a tree-house feel above with beautiful views of foliage in all directions.

See more pictures of the Bolt On Tree House

Blue Heeler House

Category: New home


This project was a balance between optimizing northern solar gain and providing screening from the street and oval. The home has a clearly defined and friendly street frontage while creating private family spaces and excellent connection to the large backyard to the south.

Internally a very light and neutral palette and minimalist, semi-industrial style creates a strong sense of calm and spaciousness.

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Gingerbrick House

Category: New Home


The Gingerbrick House is a colourful, multi-levelled home that has been designed to function for residents in various stages of family life; young involved children, a family with teenage children, empty nesting with possible rental of a zoned-off section, and old age.

This house explores sustainability through creative and collaborative design, respects its site and community and reflects the buoyant, intelligent personalities that thrive within.

See more pictures of the Gingerbrick House