Modular-design delivers great results

It’s five years since we developed the Light House modular design approach. This week we paused to reflect on how it’s gone so far. Turns out we’ve designed thirty modular homes for the Canberra region to date. Light House Modular designs have won four awards and been finalists in several others. One was even featured on a national TV show!

Light House director and scientist, Jenny Edwards, believes so strongly in the modular approach to creating smaller, smarter, sustainable homes that she had our lead architect, Sarah Lebner, design one for her family. Last week this house won the National HIA GreenSmart award for Sustainable Home of the year. We are delighted that our light-filled and light-footed homes are receiving recognition for their space and energy efficiency, affordability, comfort and beauty.

This Sunday, two of our Modular designs will be open to the public as part of Sustainable House Day 2018.

You can read more about our Modular design approach here and read and see more about a sub-set of our Modular projects here.

Modular montage.jpg