Light House's ambitious idea

Earlier in the year, Jenny was one of twelve people invited to present at a terrific event called the Festival of Ambitious Ideas. The Festival is run quarterly by the talented team at the Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre (note Lighthouse - one word; no connection to Light House - two words).

The theme was 'Home Grown' and it focused on ideas/businesses/projects that were influenced or inspired by the things that make Canberra unique.

Presenters were given a very strict 5 minutes (with warning bell at 4 min) to explain:

  • who they are and what their ambitious idea is about
  • what about Canberra inspired their idea
  • what makes their idea new and different
  • why it's important that the audience knows about their idea/business
  • some of the challenges they faced along the way
  • future opportunities they see

Jenny nearly managed to squish it all into the 5 minutes! You can watch the 5:05 min video below.