Density by stealth: A house for Gen Y


There has been concern for some time now that the Australian housing stock is missing alternative housing options that bridge the gap between free-standing houses and apartment buildings. This gap in typologies is being coined 'The Missing Middle'.

The NSW government has recently released a new draft Medium Density Design Guide. A competition was then held to generate conversation and input into the Guide with the aim of improving supply, choice and design of these emerging housing types. 

If you missed the article recently published by Architecture AU, written by Linda Cheng, it's worth a read. The article highlight's an innovative new housing project which has been unveiled by the Western Australian Government development agency, LandCorp. The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project, designed by David Barr Architect, is targeting 'The Missing Middle' and is comprised of three strata-titled, one-bedroom apartments in (what appears to be) a single dwelling. Barr describes it as 'stealth density', and hopes it will transform the way small lots are developed throughout Australia. 

We're all about smarter, tighter, more efficient housing, so we think The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project is pretty fantastic. You can read the full article here