Velocipedists, check us out!

The keen velocipedists of Light House now have a place to park their (very snazzy if we do say so) rides!

Many of the Light House team ride to work as often as they can; “Calves of Steel” Joel from as far away as Page and Rachel from Crace, but until a recent flurry of activity from Joel and Jezza, bike storage has been at a bit of a premium.

These simple and clever rotating hinges, the “Velohinge” from Feedback Sports allow us to hang 3 bikes on only 2.5 metres of wall. Best of all, the hinges allow the bikes to rotate back flat against the wall, taking up less than 600mm of space - great for tight sheds or entry ways.

Installation is simple, and hanging the bikes is easy once you’ve got a feel for the rotating hinge.

Clever, small, helpful design - just the way we like it.