Duncan Hall

Duncan joined the Light House team in 2015 after working for the previous 2.5 years on community housing projects in Timor Leste. Duncan was drawn back to Canberra by the opportunity to work within a company that is striving to address the lack of affordable, sustainable and liveable housing in Australia.

Duncan has previously worked with Collins Caddaye architects in Canberra and Steele Associates in Sydney, and has a long history of brick and rubble lugging as a construction labourer. With two architect grandfathers and an immediate family of carpenters, Duncan likes to think of the design and build process as a collaborative project between all parties.



Master of Architecture, University of Canberra

Bachelor of Arts (Architecture), University of Canberra



AIA Diverse Equitable Employment and Practice Taskforce, ACT Chapter



 2008AIA Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayne Graduate Prize