Rare opportunity to own a Light House

Its not often that Jigsaw Housing/Light House* homes hit the market. This light, bright family home has an energy efficiency rating of 7.8 stars which means it requires nearly 50% less energy to heat and cool it to comfy temperatures compared to a 6 star design.


Boasting 8kW of solar panels (which generated twice as much energy as the house consumed in 2016 - see graph below), loads of custom storage and many great features typical of our sustainable designs... plus having passed our stringent thermal imaging and air leakage testing to ensure it performs to its full thermal potential, it is really worth a visit.

Only two of our designs (and there are now 50 completed homes in Canberra with another 30 in various stages of design) have ever gone up for sale. Both homes drew big crowds, had more than 10 registered bidders at auction and sold at 16% above expected market value (despite having much smaller floor areas than other 3-4 bedroom homes nearby).

Canberrans have a healthy appetite and interest in excellent, sustainable design. Our super-sunny, climate of extremes is ideal for solar passive design. Check out this amazing home here and be sure to take the 360 degree tour.

*In Dec 2015 Jigsaw Housing Pty Ltd began trading as Light House Architecture & Science to reflect the fact that we no longer provided in-house construction services. Instead we continue to deliver integrated science and design services while working with a small group of builders who share our passion and track record for sustainability (including former Jigsaw Directors Andrew Verri and Tom Henderson).