Outback EV - kickstarting the electric vehicle industry

"Striving to promote renewable energy as an imperative, not an alternative."

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Dan Clements and Tom Creek, two young Canberra based electrical engineers are raising money to build the first EV in history to cross the world's largest sand-dune desert, the Simpson - 100% powered by renewable energy sources!

To do so they need some help from people with a passion for sustainability and a future focused on renewable energy. They have just 7 days left in their fantastic Kickstarter campaign and some great rewards on offer.

Dan and Tom, who together form 'Clements X Creek', aim to complete the trip in 8 days in an electric vehicle they will convert themselves. They are also creating an information hub where people can access everything they need to know about converting conventional cars into electric vehicles. The components required for electrical vehicle conversion have come down in price significantly recently so its now something within reach of many people... once they have good info at their fingertips.

Dan and Tom hope that by completing this project they will provide the catalyst for others to start their own EV conversions and renewable energy adventures. They also believe that this project will stand testament to the capabilities of EVs and renewable technology which will help us work towards a stable and sustainable future. "Three big cheers to that," we say at Light House!