Dealing with the heat the smart way

We couldn't agree more with the great article published online at The Conversation today.  In short, it says that to deal with extremes of temperature we need "smarter design and construction". We live and breathe this philosophy at Light House by combining great architecture with sensible science. 

"Rather than being seduced by the property market’s surface bling, we need to pay more attention to the quality of the building envelope – the roof, walls, windows and floor."

"We can manage unwanted heat inside our homes in two key ways. The first is to stop the heat getting in. Many aspects of a home’s design... and construction materials... can help control how hot it gets inside."

"The second key is having strategies to manage unwanted heat. Again, this can be done through good design... and by using the right materials. Opening and closing your house in response to the outside temperature is also important."

Read the full article: We need a comprehensive housing approach to deal with heatwaves.